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Shea Guercio Partners (SGP Advisors)

The Challenge

SGP Advisors, a leading insurance firm, was in the process of rebranding and needed a high-impact name change announcement video to inform their clients and partners of the transition. In addition, the firm wanted to create seven explainer videos for their website, each featuring a different producer and their specialization in specific insurance coverages. The challenge was to develop engaging and informative scripts and produce high-quality videos that effectively communicate the firm’s new brand identity and the expertise of each producer.

The Solution

  1. Script Development: We worked with each producer to develop concise and informative scripts that clearly explained their area of expertise and the benefits of their insurance products.

  2. Video Production: Our team executed a professional video shoot, capturing each producer’s personality and ensuring a consistent look and feel across all eight videos. We used high-quality equipment and lighting to create visually appealing footage that aligned with SGP Advisors’ new brand identity.

  3. Post-production: Our skilled video editors assembled the footage, added motion graphics and background music, and ensured that the final videos met the client’s expectations in terms of quality and messaging.


  • Creative & Scripting
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Color & Sound




The Results

SGP Advisors was extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. The name change announcement video effectively communicated their new brand identity and generated excitement among their clients and partners. The individual explainer videos showcased each producer’s expertise, helping to build trust and credibility with potential clients visiting the SGP Advisors website.

By partnering with New Avenue Films, SGP Advisors successfully navigated their rebranding process and elevated their online presence through engaging, high-quality video content.

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