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Robert Hudson | Westshore Financial

The Challenge

Westshore Financial is a financial advising firm that provides financial guidance to its clients. Robert Hudson, a financial advisor at Westshore Financial, wanted to launch a LinkedIn campaign and utilize video to achieve his business goals. Robert Hudson realized that the best way to increase his online presence and reach a larger audience was to leverage video marketing. To achieve this, he decided to partner with a video production company that could help him create compelling content.

The Solution

    1. Brand Strategy Workshop: The project began with scripting and strategy development to ensure that the content was engaging and aligned with Robert’s business goals. Our team worked with Robert for several months to create a series of videos that showcased his services, experience, and expertise.

    2. Video Production: The videos were designed to appeal to his target audience and highlight the benefits of his financial advising services.

    3. Post-production: Our skilled video editors assembled the footage, added motion graphics and background music, and ensured that the final videos met the client’s expectations in terms of quality and messaging.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Color & Sound


Insurance & Finance

The Results

Working with our video production company proved to be a game-changer for Robert Hudson’s business. The videos we created were highly engaging, and his LinkedIn engagement increased by 100 times compared to before the campaign. Robert was thrilled with the results and the impact the videos had on his business.

In conclusion, our video production company helped Robert Hudson achieve his business objectives by creating high-quality videos that engaged his target audience and increased his online presence. Our expertise and professional approach ensured the success of the project, and we are proud to have helped Robert achieve his business goals.

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