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The Applied Science & Performance Institute

The Challenge

The Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) is a gym that focuses on fitness and health sciences. They wanted to create a commercial that showcased their unique approach, which includes incorporating science into their fitness programs. The challenge was to create a commercial that accurately portrayed their brand essence and placed a strong emphasis on the scientific aspect of their gym. The goal was to attract more members to the gym and increase the overall revenue.

The Solution

    1. Brand Strategy Workshop: We worked closely with ASPI to understand their brand values and vision. We developed a concept that showcased their unique approach by combining stunning visuals with a powerful message that emphasized the importance of science in their fitness programs.


    1. Video Production: Our team utilized the latest video production technology to create a visually stunning commercial that seamlessly combined fitness and science. We focused on creating a dynamic, high-energy commercial that showcased the unique services offered by ASPI.


  1. Post-production: Our skilled video editors assembled the footage, added motion graphics and background music, and ensured that the final videos met the client’s expectations in terms of quality and messaging.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Color & Sound


Health and Fitness

The Results

The commercial we produced for ASPI was used in most of their marketing materials, including social media and email campaigns. The commercial was a huge success, and the number of members increased by 40% after it was used in their marketing material. The commercial was also well received by the community and generated positive feedback from the gym’s existing members.   We were thrilled to work with ASPI and help them achieve their marketing goals. By creating a visually stunning commercial that accurately portrayed their brand essence and emphasized the scientific aspect of their gym, we were able to help them attract more members and increase revenue. We are proud of the success of this project and look forward to working with ASPI in the future.
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